Best Soft Dog Crate of 2019 Complete Reviews with Comparison

Best Soft Dog Crate of 2019 Complete Reviews with Comparison

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You know how the saying goes: “Dogs are man’s best friends.” And it’s true. They are our little furry pals that start loving us after only a few given meals. Pretty quickly, we start loving them too and just like that, we have a friend that will always make a mess of our home when we aren't there.

With that being said, we should treat our dogs accordingly. Remember that terrible feeling in your stomach when you went on a trip and your dog had to remain home all by itself? Well, now you can bring your dog everywhere with the best soft dog crate!

Before we begin, you need to know that none of these soft dog crates come with a dog inside!

Comparison Chart

AmazonBasics Folding Soft Dog Crate, 42″

EliteField 3-Door Folding Soft Dog Crate, Indoor & Outdoor Pet Home

2PET Foldable Dog Crate – Soft, Easy to Fold & Carry Dog Crate

Petsfit 30″ x24”x25(LxWxH) Inches Medium Soft Portable Dog Crate

Noz2Noz Soft-Krater Indoor and Outdoor Crate for Pets

Best Soft Dog Crate Reviews

AmazonBasics Folding Soft Dog Crate

The AmazonBasics folding soft dog crate is a soft-sided crate that can be set up in a matter of seconds. You won’t need any additional tools which will make things that much easier for you once you’re on the road. The product comes with a one-year warranty guaranteed by AmazonBasics.


The AmazonBasics folding soft dog crate is made of polyester fabric and PVC. Although the PVC frame is lightweight, it is very strong. The PVC is exactly the reason why this crate looks the way it does. It maintains the shape of the crate and gives it a touch of elegance.

The crate itself is quite big and safe (42 inches). It represents a den for dogs up to 80 pounds. With that being said, Retrievers, German Shepherds, Siberian Huskies, and other large dogs can be held in the AmazonBasics folding soft crate without a problem.

Because of the fabrics that this dog crate is made of, you won't have to worry about its weight. It will be easy for you to carry it wherever you go. The polyester fabric makes the sides, top, and bottom of the crate. It is obvious that this crate offers way more comfort to your pet than the heavy-duty metal ones.

On top of that, the AmazonBasics soft dog crate is very durable. Your dog can rub off the sides of the crate and it will still hold.

The crate has rounded corners which will save your floor or the insides of your car from scratches and other serious damages.

The dog bed isn’t included in the offer, however, there is enough space for you to add it into the crate. That will ensure extra warmth and overall comfort for your furry friend.

Another important feature is ventilation. You will be able to find ventilation windows on three sides of the crate. They are actually quite easy to spot as they are in the shape of a bone. Your dog will love it as it will have a decent look at the outside. Of course, you will be able to check up on your pal at any given moment as well.

There is a top door and a front door. The crate’s front door is three-sided. You can easily unzip it and roll up the mesh-fabric flap in order to allow your dog to freely go in and out. If you want to safely keep your dog inside, simply zip both doors and your work is done.


  • check
    Very soft
  • check
    Easy to carry
  • check
    Made for heavier dogs
  • check
    Smaller sizes available
  • Durable


  • No carry handles once the crate is opened

EliteField 3-Door Folding Soft Dog Crate

Moving on with our list of best soft dog crates, we have one of the finest EliteField’s dog crates. The first thing that comes to mind after seeing this dog crate is how good its design is. It has huge ventilation windows on the sides and when it comes to color, you can choose whatever color suits you best as the manufacturer made sure to give you a decent variety of options.

EliteField offers a 2-year warranty to all of their customers.


This EliteField dog crate’s size (36 inches long, 24 inches wide and 28 inches high) will ensure that your dog has enough space and comfort in its new portable home.

The soft dog crate itself is very easy to set up. Just like the previous one, you will only need a few seconds. It goes without saying that no additional tools are required. The “backbone” of this dog crate, or in other words its frame, is made out of steel tubes.

The crate’s durable covers are made out of 600D and hex mesh fabric. The overall design is just very stylish and elegant.

When it comes to portability, you won’t be having a hard time carrying your dog’s new home around as it is quite lightweight (14.6 pounds shipping weight).

Three mesh doors, located on the side, top, and front of the crate, will make sure that your dog has enough sunlight and that it can breathe without a problem while it is inside. Some of the pretty interesting features that the EliteField dog crate comes with are two accessory pockets located on the side and top.

If you choose to go with this dog crate, you won’t have to worry about buying a bed for your dog as it is included in the offer. The cover and bed are both removable which will make their cleaning and washing pretty easy.

The crate comes with both a handle and hand carrying straps. Of course, the hand carrying straps are adjustable and padded which will take care of the stress you feel on your shoulder, making the crate even easier to be carried.


  • check
    Easy to move around
  • check
    Variety of color options
  • check
    Handy features included
  • check
    Available in 5 sizes


  • It isn’t made for heavy dogs

2PET Foldable Dog Crate

Our next recommended dog crate comes from the 2PET company. If you are on a budget but still need to find a good, durable soft dog crate that can be used both indoors and outdoors, for training and for resting, this offer might be the one for you.

Although the design looks quite basic, the functionality of this dog crate is quite innovative.


The shape of the 2PET foldable dog crate is held by strong steel tubes. Just like the products that came before, this soft dog crate is also lightweight (6.82 pounds) and easy to be carried around.

You won't be having any problems folding/unfolding the steel tubes. Also, once you set up your furry friend's new home, a handle can be located on the top which will allow you to carry your dog with you wherever you are going.

One of the main problems that people have when they buy portable dog crates, is that they have a hard time cleaning the crates because of the fabrics that they are made of. Well, you won't be seeing those kinds of crates here and this one is not an exception.

The covers are made of a fabric that is very easy to wash and clean. The fabric that we are talking about here is Oxford 600D. The fabric is waterproof as it is nylon-based and the 600-denier fiber is fairly thick. The cover is easily removable and washable.

One of the things that makes this dog crate stand out from the bunch is its full frontal zipper that your dog simply won’t be able to bite.

On the sides, you will be able to see the dog bone-shaped mesh panel windows which will make sure that your favorite pet has natural ventilation once it is in its new portable home.

Another good feature is the mat that this soft dog crate comes with. The mat is also waterproof.

The standard size of this medium 2PET’s dog crate model is 24 x 17 x 17 inches.


  • check
    Available in 5 sizes
  • check
    3 colors to choose from
  • check


  • The crate has a pretty common look
  • Can’t take really huge dogs

Petsfit Soft Portable Dog Crate

Where the previous dog crate lacked in elegance, the soft dog crate coming from Petsfit has an abundance of it. Just take one glance at this soft portable dog crate and it will be clear that the manufacturer paid attention to its design.

It goes without saying that you will stand out from the rest with this dog crate just based on its looks. However, looks aren’t the main factor when buying any sort of product so let’s dig into its functionality.


Besides the cool looks of this dog crate, it is also quite big. This 30 inches long, 24 inches wide and 25 inches high soft dog crate is made for small/medium-sized dogs (up to 40 pounds) and will definitely make sure that they have more than enough space in their new portable home.

Setting up this dog crate is also quite simple. You will only need a couple of minutes – no tools needed, of course.

This Petsfit dog crate weighs 8.4 pounds, making it quite lightweight and easy to be carried around.

The fabric that this dog crate is made of is the previously mentioned 600D Oxford cloth. When it comes to the lining, 230D polyester has been used.

An important feature is that the bottom of the crate is waterproof. This product comes with side pockets that you can use to store whatever you need. Also, a carry bag is included in the offer.

The pads are removable and can be machine washable. Three mesh sides take care of your dog’s ventilation, making it a cozy new portable home for it.


  • check
    As elegant as they come
  • check
    Easy to be maintained
  • check
    Comes in 3 sizes


  • The top could be harder to clean if it gets stained

Noz2Noz Soft Krater

If you own a heavy, big dog, our last (but not least) soft dog crate on the list is the Noz2Noz Soft Krater that can be used for dogs up to 70 pounds.

The company behind this product has made sure that pet owners wouldn’t have a hard time cleaning and carrying their soft dog crate. Let’s find out what it is all about.


The Noz2Noz Soft Krater is made out of heavy-duty mesh fabric of tight-weave filaments. It has well-rounded corners which won't allow your pet to damage the crate.

This crate is quite durable and strong. Your big furry friend won’t be able to tear through it. Of course, you can use the Noz2Noz dog crate both indoors and outdoors. It is quite easy to set up and nearly as easy to carry around.

As we’ve mentioned before, this crate is pretty easy to clean. Each model has a waterproof base. The manufacturer recommends using the Nature’s Miracle odor remover.

The product comes in 5 sizes from 21 to 42 inches, expanding the variety of dogs that this crate can carry. The dimensions of this second largest one are 36 x 24 x 27 inches. The crate is 8.76 pounds heavy.

Ventilation is also not a problem as the Noz2Noz is well-ventilated on all sides.


  • check
    Good headroom
  • check
    Decent ventilation


  • There aren’t any additional features

The Final Verdict

So, now that you have found out about the dog crates on our best soft dog crates list, it is time to give a final recommendation. Essentially, it all comes down to your preferences, of course. You need to consider the size of your dog, the crate's functionality, features, and appearance.

The soft dog crate that stands out from the list, based on everything previously shown, is the AmazonBasics Folding Soft Dog Crate. If your budget is a little bit tighter, you could go with the 2PET Foldable Dog Crate.

It goes without saying that whatever product you choose from our list, you won’t be making a mistake. Just make sure to do your homework (measurements, spacing, etc.) before making a final decision.

We hope that your dog will be happy with its new portable soft home!

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