Comfort Fit Dog Harness Review

Comfort Fit Dog Harness Review

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Comfort Fit Dog Harness: QUICK OVERVIEW





What We Like

  • Ideal for pups between 2 to 15 pounds
  • Double D-rings are reinforced
  • Quick-release buckle
  • Breathable and soft

What We Don't Like

  • Straps and clasps can be tricky to use
  • Awkward fit for certain breeds

In many ways, a small dog is a lot easier to look after than a larger pup. A small dog takes up less space, makes smaller poops, and eats less food than their larger counterparts. However, having a small dog does present a couple of unique challenges for the owner, such as finding a great harness that will keep your pup safe, secure, and comfortable.

You can stop fussing over clunky collars that pull, choke, and pinch your precious pooch. With the Comfort Fit Dog Harness, you can rest assured that your dog is in excellent hands. The harness has padding inside that is lightweight, breathable, and protective. It is a no-pull harness which will keep your pup comfortable when walking, running, and playing.

Comfort Fit Dog Harness Review

This harness by Comfort Fit has been innovatively designed to ensure that your pup is kept safe, comfortable, and secure when they wear it. It is available in sizes that are small enough to be worn by dogs with a 7 inch neck. This harness can easily be put on or taken off due to the easy-to-use adjustable strap which buckles on the back.

Who is this product for?

This harness is ideal for any small dog owner who wants to keep their beloved pup safe while out and about, but also comfortable and pain free. This soft harness is available in sizes from XXS to medium, so you can find one that suits your petite pooch’s size very easily.

What’s included?

The package includes one Comfort Fit soft dog harness that is made from durable yet comfortable Metric 66 padded material.

Overview of features

It is very uncommon to find a dog harness that is both high quality and affordable. The Comfort Fit harness boasts two metal D-rings that have been reinforced. You can securely and quickly attach the leash to the harness when you need to. The quick-release buckle also makes the harness very simple to put on and remove. Plus, the reflective trim also makes your pup very easy to see on early morning or late evening or night strolls.

This harness is made from a unique material called Metric 66, which is padded for comfort while also being very easy to look after and durable. When you want to clean your pup’s harness, you can wipe it with a cloth, hand wash it, or throw it in the washing machine – it is that simple!

This harness has been designed to take the pressure off of your dog’s neck and throat, redirecting it to their chest and shoulders. The smooth, soft, padded material gives your pooch extra cushioning and breathability thanks to the no-chafe, stretchy fit over their belly.

It is best to measure your dog’s chest circumference to ensure a proper fit for them. The various sizes allow for dogs between 2 and 15 pounds.

How to use it

Unbuckle the harness and put it flat and open on the floor in front of your dog. Put your pup’s left leg through the left hole and his right leg through the right hole. Lift the harness up towards your dog’s body. Bring the harness up over your dog’s shoulders and up over their back.

Close the Velcro and the buckle at his back. Use the Velcro to make the harness fit snuggly around your pup. Bring the two D-rings together and attach the leash. Make sure that you can fit 2 fingers between the harness and your dog.


Voyager Soft Harness for Pets - This harness has a plush design made from ultra-soft material that makes this no-pull harness very comfortable for your pup. The harness has a quick-release clip and a durable fastener to keep your dog secure and safe. The strong Velcro keeps the harness firmly closed. The two D-rings also close to add extra safety when hooked to the leash. This harness is so comfy that your pooch can wear it all day without getting too hot or uncomfortable. The Voyager harness can be washed in your washing machine on a cold cycle, allowing you to keep your pup’s harness clean and hygienic at all times.


This harness is very dependable and strong thanks to its Metric 66 build. It has been specifically made to feel cozy and soft for your furry friend. This harness is very padded, ensuring your pup has the most comfortable experience when they wear the harness. This padded harness promises that your pup will not injure themself if they tug or pull. This Comfort Fit harness is very well priced, making it a popular choice for small dog owners. Plus, when you add in the fact that this harness has been made to last, you can be sure that you are getting a top-quality product.

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