How to Put On a Dog Harness Vest

How to Put On a Dog Harness Vest

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No matter whether you have never used a harness vest before or you are thinking about trying a new brand or style, it is easy to get worn out by the process of finding the right one and properly putting it on. With each new style there are different features, materials, and benefits.

But one thing is for sure; harness vests are excellent when they are put on properly. If you are not sure how to put on a dog harness vest, keep reading.

What is a Harness Vest?

A harness vest is a great option to protect your pup’s vulnerable neck and throat. It has a D-ring on the back of the vest where the leash can attach. The handle is easy-to-grab and allows you to help your pet into the car or over rocks, while also giving you more control if your pup gets overexcited.

Harness vests are normally made from a mesh material in different patterns and colors. Some harness vests are overhead and some are step-in, so you can find one that suits your pooch. These harnesses are especially beneficial for training your dog.

Why Use a Vest Harness

Why Use a Vest Harness?

There are a few reasons to select a harness, the primary ones being lifting, training, and preventing choking. A traditional collar may choke your pooch anytime they pull, but harnesses will evenly distribute the weight across the chest.

A harness gives you various attachment points so you can make sure the leash doesn’t tangle around your pup. It also gives you different leash attachment points for training. If your dog is a puller, simply attach the leash to their chest area to make it impossible for them to tug as it turns them around.

A harness gives you extra places to grab when lifting your pup into your car, over fences and rocks, or while boating. It also offers you additional control if your dog reacts to other canines.

How to Put On an Overhead Dog Harness Vest

To put on your dog’s harness vest properly, start by making it loose so you can slip it over their head quickly and easily. Once the harness is loose, sit on the floor behind your pup and do the following:

  1. Slide your dog’s head through the neck piece
  2. Place the straps between their front legs and under their stomach
  3. Do up the buckles on both sides of the harness
  4. Use the adjustment points to make the harness vest snug, starting with the sides then moving on to the shoulders
  5. Make sure that you can fit 2 fingers between the harness and your dog
How to Put on a Step-In Dog Harness Vest

How to Put on a Step-In Dog Harness Vest

  • Unbuckle the harness vest and place it flat and open on the floor in front of your pup
  • Place your dog’s left leg through the left loop and their right leg through the right loop
  • Lift the harness up towards your pooch’s body
  • Bring the straps around your dog’s shoulders and to their back
  • Fasten the buckle at their back
  • Use the adjustment point to make the harness vest snug, starting with the sides then moving on to the shoulders
  • Make sure that you can fit 2 fingers between the harness and your dog

​In addition to the steps that we have mentioned above, it is very important to look at the fit of the harness vest, no matter which type it is. This is to make sure that it is both safe and comfortable for your pup. Harness vests come in various sizes, normally from extra-small to extra-large. This means that you should easily be able to find a harness vest that suits your needs and your dog’s weight and size.

Also remember that it is important that you place the harness on your pup gently and calmly while not moving so slowly that your dog moves or gets frightened. Your pup needs to trust what you are doing through every step – wearing a harness vest is not a natural thing for your pooch. Spend a few days getting your pup used to the process of putting the harness vest on. This helps both you and your dog to stay calm and tangle free.

Final Thoughts

Wearing a dog harness will allow your pup to enjoy their walks in a safe and calm way that can be enjoyed by both of you. Make sure to get the right size and adjust the harness correctly once you have put it on so that your dog is comfortable.

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