A Guide For Advertisers.

We are PetShops.

We are the directory for pet shops and services across America. Our platform is at the centre of pet shops search. 
When you create a business listing with us, it is not just a listing… It is a web utility that allows search traffic to connect to you instantly, from any device.  
Showcase your business with images, video, social links and create a powerful backlink to your website.
Allow customers to easily share and connect with your business, in so many ways.

Check out one of our ‘Free Basic’ listings here. 


Listing plans explained:

Free Basic



We created the “Free Basic” package so that every business has the opportunity to be discovered.

Features of this package, allow customers to find your business in a quick search, read your description, to check your opening times, find you on the map, click-to-call you directly from their mobile, send an email enquiry and to read (or add) reviews. They can also bookmark your listing, or share across social media.

Your listing is easily customisable by adding your own cover image, logo and tagline.

However, this package does not allow customers to click through to your website, and only basic functionality compared to the ‘value packages. ‘Free Basic’ listings, rank lowest in our search results and may also contain other advertising on the page.


$120.00  sale $59.00

12 Month Plan

The ‘Value Package’ offers exactly what is says;
Incredible Value, now for less than $5/month 

Create your own listing that has the effect of a beautiful webpage. Including all the features of the free package, you can also add your social network links, a media gallery, your video, FAQ’s, and most importantly, a clickable website URL.

The link to your website will allow customers to connect directly to your store, see your products or even make a purchase from their mobile device!

…but the benefits don’t end here…

Having a powerful back-link on sites like can boost your domain’s authority in search engines, increasing your visibility and rank.

Value Multi

$499.00  sale $199.00

12 Month Plan

The ‘Value Multi’ is our enterprise package. Designed for businesses with pet shops in multiple locations, this bulk-package allows for (up to) 5 listings to be created, with all the features of the value package. 

Currently discounted by 60% each listing now works out from less than $3.33/month.

As with all our packages, you can fully customise your listings with your own images, but also add information, video or gallery images specific to each of your stores.

You can also add a clickable link to a ‘related listing’ (perhaps one of your nearby stores) 

For larger store chains, that require more than 5 listings, please contact us for a quick quote. 

Ok, lets get started!

Follow these steps to create a listing

Step 1: Find or create your listing

Starting at the homepage, enter your local town in the ‘quick search’ bar, or click on the proximity button to find local pet shop listings. It is also possible to search your business name on the ‘Explore’ page.

If your listing appears in the results, It means we have already created a complimentary listing for you, with a “free basic” package. 
If you wish to claim and edit this listing, simply click on the “Claim Listing” button at the top right of your listing page. Fill in the claim details and we will notify you, once your claim is approved.
You will then be able to sign in to the dashboard at and edit your listing details. (step 4) 

However, If you prefer to create a listing with a ‘Value’ package, simply click on the ‘Add Listing’ button on the top right and follow step 2. (The free listing will be replaced with the value listing).

See step 2

If your shop is not in our directory, Don’t panic! It’s real easy to get started. 
Simply click on the “Add Listing” button at the top right. You can now choose a listing package, to suit your requirements.

See step 2

Step 2: Choose a package

On clicking the ‘Add Listing’ button, you will be prompted to choose from one of our listing packages. These are explained in more detail above.

Choose the one that best suits your business requirements and hit the ‘Select Plan’ button.

For businesses choosing the ‘Value Multi’ plan, each time you add another listing, your remaining credit will appear on the lower right of this page. Simply select the credit you wish to use, and continue.  

You will now go to the ‘Add Listing’ page.

See step 3

Step 3: Add your business information

You can now add the relevant details of your business to the form on this page. If you can’t complete all the fields, don’t worry, the ones you do complete will appear perfectly arranged on your page. Listings can also be re-edited at any time.

Your chosen package will determine how many fields appear on this form and how many features your listing will display. We will use the ‘Value’ package as an example;

Business Name‘ Enter this first.
Tagline‘ A catchy phrase that appears under your business name. 
Description‘ Describe your business. (hint; keep it fairly short, but informative).
Logo‘ Your business logo. (Use an image with equal width and height) (Max: 300px x 300px).
Cover Image‘ This landscape banner will appear at the top of your page. Image size guide: (max: 1920px x 640px) (min: 1255px x 418px)
Gallery images‘ Choose up to 5, to showcase your business. Image size guide: (465w x 300h).
Video URL‘ This will display your promotional video, or a video of your choice, on your page.
Phone‘ Add your shop contact number. It will also appear as a click-to-call button on mobile devices. Cool huh!
Email‘ All enquiries in the contact form on your page, will be sent to this address.
Website‘ Enter the full URL of your website. (or copy & paste it from the browser). This will be a clickable link on your listing.
Location‘ Type the location of your shop. Please use the suggested format.
Region‘ Re-type the local town or city of your shop. (for our search index)
Hours‘ Select Monday, and click the “add hours” button. Select your opening hours. (eg. 9am – 5pm). Now click Tuesday and repeat, etc.
Timezone‘ Choose your local timezone.
Social Networks‘ Choose your social networks and enter your URL’s.
Category‘ Please choose a category that best suits your business. Eg. “Pet Shops” for general pet supplies, or “Pet Food” if you specialise only in pet food. If you can’t find a suitable category, please choose “Pet Shops” and  contact us. We can add special categories on request.
Tags‘ Choose the tags that describe your business products and services. (hold ‘Ctrl’ + click, to select multiple). If you would like us to display some online coupons for you, see ‘Coupons’ below, for more info.
Related Listing‘ This option only applies to the ‘Value Multi’ package and allows a link to another listing. (Local chain store linking).

FAQ‘ Add three questions and answers that your customers will find informative. (eg, Do you also offer grooming services?). etc.

Now, hit the ‘Preview’ button. If satisfied, click ‘SUBMIT‘ to continue to checkout. We offer paypal and stripe secure payment gateways. Once checked and approved by admin, your listing will go live. You will be notified via email.

See step 4

 Step 4: “Your Dashboard”

This is where you manage and edit your listings

Step 4: Managing and editing listings

Once you have submitted your new listing, or claimed an existing listing on, you will be notified when your listing is approved. (usually within 24hrs).

Simply sign into your account on and click the ‘My Listings’ tab on the left. Your listing(s) should now appear in the table.

Click on the title of the listing to inspect it. There are also four options beneath the title;

Promote. It is also possible to advertise your business listing at various places around our site. See ‘Promotions’ below.

Edit. Takes you to the listing form where you can edit, delete or add new information about your business.

Delete. Deletes your listing from our database.

View Stats. Displays your listing statistics in a graph.


Advertise your business

As well as offering great value listing packages, we also offer the ability to promote your business listing across our homepage and blog, on all devices.  All listings will rotate in this feed, but promoted listings will rotate at the top. 

Promotional Keys can be assigned to a listing of your choice, for all (or part) of the promotions duration. It can be switched on or off at any time, and the remaining credit will be available for future use. Useful for targeting certain times of the year.

Promotional Keys are available in 30, 60 and 90 day durations.

How to purchase and use a Promotional Key: Sign into your account dashboard and click the Promotions tab on the left. This will show any existing promotional keys and also a button to buy one. 

Click the buy button and choose your duration 30, 60 or 90 day. Once purchased at the checkout, you will now be able to assign this promotion to one of your listings!

Simply click ‘promote’ under your listing title, your key should appear, ready to use. Click on the ‘Use Package‘ button and this will assign the key to that listing. 

If you want to stop the promotion and save the remaining credit for another time, or use it on a different listing, click the ‘promoted’ text under the listing title, then click the ‘cancel promotion‘ button. Otherwise the listing will stay promoted until the promotional key expires.


How to post coupons?

Overstocked?…  Thinking of having a sale?…  Offering coupons is an extremely popular method for attracting fast online sales. 

We post coupons on our home page, and various other places around the site. These are affiliate coupons and we are only entitled to a pre-agreed commission once the goods are sold.

Our affiliate partners, can organise an account and handle everything, allowing you to focus on shipping the products! If you need to set up an account with a coupons provider, click here for more info.

We can even post your coupon links directly on your listing page and ‘Tag’ your business as a coupon provider, so customers can find you on the map in a coupon search!

Please notify us with your affiliate network details, so we can connect, and post your coupons.

If you still require help creating your listing on, please contact our friendly staff.