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Pet Population! As of 2017 there are now over 300 million pets in the US, and rising… That’s almost one pet per person on average. According to the 2017-2018 National Pet Owners Survey conducted by the American Pet Products Association, well over half of all US households are home to at least one pet, that’s approximately 85 million families!

The most popular type of pet per US household was,…(drum-roll please)…Dogs! Topping out the table with an impressive, (60.2 million homes)  Coming in second were our feline friends, at (47.1 million homes) and then, to round off the top three, Freshwater fish at (12.5 million homes). 

However, Freshwater fish are actually the ‘most popular’ pet by numbers, 139.3 million numbers to be exact!…And for anyone who has ever owned a tank of Guppies, that statistic would probably come as no surprise! Second place were Cats (94.2 million), then Dogs, a close third with (89.7 million).

Close to 70 billion dollars were spent on our beloved pets last year. The majority of spending directed towards food items, at approximately $29 billion. Supplies and OTC medicine: $15 billion and then, veterinary care: $16 billion.

The basic annual expenses for Dogs were as follows: Surgical Vet ($474), Routine Vet ($257), Food ($235), Treats ($72), Kennel boarding ($322), Vitamins ($58), Groomer/grooming aids ($84), Toys ($47).  TOTAL: $1549.00

And for Cats, on average, the basic annual expenses:  Surgical Vet ($245), Routine Vet ($182), Food ($235), Treats ($56), Kennel boarding ($164), Vitamins ($46), Groomer/grooming aids ($30), Toys ($30).  TOTAL: $988.00

So, the numbers are in, but do they really reflect your spending? Is it possible to save cash on your pet supplies, without holding back on the generosity, or even the most essential purchases? 

You bet. And that’s why we created, because every day, great deals exist out there in the street, online and sometimes in the places we don’t even expect! We have made it our mission to find and promote those deals, and the best pet shops that offer them. And if you need great advice, its easy to find your local pet shops using the search filter on our Explore page. Happy searching! 

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